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General Rules

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All users are expected to abide by the following rules:

🔹 Respect other users and their opinions.
🔹 Be mature through conversations, emotes and reactions. Use common sense, do not be toxic.
🔹 Harassment or offensive remarks of any kind will not be tolerated.
🔹 Be welcoming to any newcomers. Hostility to new or inexperienced members will not be tolerated.
🔹 The use and discussion of how to perform/acquire exploits, hacks or abusive bugs is not allowed.
🔹 Breaking any game developer and/or Discord Terms of Service, NDA or End User License Agreement is not allowed.
🔹 NSFW and/or sexual content, political or religious discussions, racism, animal cruelty, drugs, real-money services, malicious links and/or similar is not allowed.
🔹 Nicknames and avatars must be readable, and not contain any offensive/sexual imagery or outside clan affiliation/tags.
🔹 Do not spoil games, movies or shows in the public Discord, any forum or via DMs.
🔹 No advertising either publicly or peer-to-peer of other discords, clans or communities. Advertising your stream in #going-live in Discord is allowed (HPX+ required).
🔹 Discord channels that have a specific purpose such as Looking for Group, these are strictly for users looking to form groups for their platform. Do not start lengthy conversations or post any unrelated text or content. Take those to a more appropriate channel.
🔹 Always check 'Pinned' messages in all text-channels for channel-specific rules in Discord.
🔹 When using ModMail (HPXMail) in Discord, provide proper evidence/proof when reporting users. Wild accusations will not be tolerated. Do not abuse the ModMail service.
🔹 Admins & Moderators have last say. Bans are final. Rules are subject to change.
Not open for further replies.