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Hey everyone

So we have some news today. We will be relaunching our old Discord server, called Hyperplex Red, on November 5th 2019! This server is focused around FPS and competitive games such as Call of Duty, PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege and League of Legends. This server is much more casual in terms of scope compared to how we run the main server (Hyperplex Blue). However, we will still hold game nights for certain games each week so keep an eye out on the game channels you follow for alerts.

Hazeykthx and myself will be running the show over on red and will be bringing in more moderators and admins as we go so we aren't going to go crazy with game nights right out of the gate. Call of Duty Modern Warfare, PUBG and Apex are the hottest games right now so we'll try to focus on them for the first couple weeks after launch.

The Hyperplex Red server is setup similarly to Hyperplex Blue so things will feel familiar except for a couple things. The main difference is roles are very important in terms of being able to view channels. You will need to head over to the roles channel to get your game roles to be able to see all the channels you want. Since we will support a get heap of games in the server, we want players to be able to pick and choose what channels they see.

The Discord link for Hyperplex Red is: https://discord.gg/t98gcHe
The server is functional and ready to use now but our official launch is November 5th.

Lastly, we're also launching our forums! For the people who like this form of communication, we have you covered. We're still tweaking forum layouts and getting our sticky's setup for each forum but everyone should be able to register and start discussions. Also let us know if you can't access something or have too much access.